Sweat the small stuff

New York is famous for its size. It’s towering skyscrapers, it’s jaw-wrecking deli sandwiches, and it’s massive population. But a city of this large can accommodate things of all sizes, large and small. And this week we focus on the some of the smallest things you can find in NYC.

Shortest Street


This is Edgar Street, all 63 feet of it. It’s in the financial district and nowadays and has all the charm of a parking lot. It was named after a shipping magnate who had a mansion nearby.

Smallest Park

Septuagesimo Uno. It means Seventy-One, in Latin after the fact it is located on 71st. Street. You can find it snuggled between West End and Amsterdam Avenues. It was part of a 1960’s effort to increase parkland by converting unused lots into public space. Originally it was called the “71st Street Plot. It acquired it’s more glamorous name in 2000.

Smallest Museum

Mmuseumm, it is 60 square feet in size, barely able to handle four people at a time. The exhibit is quirky and eclectic. In their permanent collection is a bag of gummy worms, a screwdriver, and the shoe thrown at President George W. Bush during a press conference in Iraq in 2008. Can they prove it’s the actual shoe? You’ll have to take their word on it.

– Mark Gilman, Tour Guide


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