Great Views

The High Line. It’s a 1.5-mile long elevated railroad track that has been turned into a public park. Great views of the sun setting over New Jersey. It’s one of the smartest things ever to happen in NYC and the City government can’t take credit for it. In the 1990’s Mayor Guiliani wanted to tear down the aging and unused elevated railroad track. However, the city was sued and the line was saved. Money was raised privately to transform the line into a public space and now is a park 1.5 miles long. Now high-end luxury housing is exploding all along its route and the city is raking in the dough. The views are stunning.

George Washington Bridge. Yes, you can walk across the George Washington Bridge, all 4,760 feet of it. It’s length posed quite a challenge, so much so that it was placed at 178th street because it was the narrowest point of the Hudson river. It’s an engineering masterpiece, whose criss-crossed steel towers are an immediately identifiable NYC landmark. What is great about walking along this bridge is to see all of Manhattan spread before you along the Hudson. Admire how the mighty towers shrink off into the distance, and watch the ships lazily go by.

High Bridge. This is the oldest Bridge in NYC. It was originally completed in 1848 and it’s walkway in 1864. It was actually built for the aqueduct system which brings in fresh drinking water from over 200 miles north of the city. It was a very popular public space until the 1970’s when it closed to the public. But after a renovation of $68 million you can enjoy gorgeous views of the Bronx River and Northern Manhattan.

– Mark Gilman, Tour Guide


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