Food Trucks!

Food trucks. No longer the province of taco dealers and ice cream peddlers, the restaurant on wheels has become a major part of life in New York City. Lobster rolls, pad thai, grilled cheese, waffles, you name it, we got it. But where did this explosion of mobile culinary laboratories come from?

Thank the 2008 recession. As the value of mortgages and derivatives vanished, so did the clientele of restaurants all over country. And in a major culinary city like New York, a small army of dazzling talented and hard working chefs were left out of a job. With scant prospects and nothing to loose, the idea of re-inventing the humble food truck seemed reasonable. They are cheap to buy, cheap to run, and far simpler to manage than a three-star kitchen.

Thankfully these mobile delish dealers have become and ingrained part of life in NYC. Here are some choice cuts for you to try. All locations can be found on the links below.

Snow Day –  Beer Braised Beef sliders, Fried Smoked Pork Rib, Beet and Potato salad and everything features a little maple syrup. See, your mouth is watering already. Even better, the money goes to the non profit Drive Change which operates food trucks to employ formerly incarcerated youth. Now you have to go.

Taim – Tunisian spice falafel? Hello bliss! This celebrated 2 location restaurant decided to break out into the food truck biz and they are definitely raising the bar. Their 3 varieties of the fried chickpea ball add a new twist to the classic, and their melange of spiced veggies are a ticket to heaven.

Morris Truck – Grilled Cheese. No proper list of hip NYC eateries ignores grilled cheese. And that is all Morris Truck does. Check out their Green Machine (Fontina + Fennel Butter + Kale 2 Ways), or their Habanero Chicken (Blue Cheese + Chicken Chorizo + Habanero Hot Sauce + Pickled Celery). How can you say no to that?


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