Random NYC Questions Answered

Why is there so much garbage placed in the streets? It stinks!

So you may see bags of trash piled on the sidewalk, usually in residential neighborhoods. Here is why. New York City has no alleyways. The city is designed to be as compact as possible. Alley ways are valuable real estate that don’t earn their keep. Because of this, garbage collection happens on the street. Sorry. Yes it does stink, and no one likes it.

Why is the Statue of Liberty Green?

It was made of copper and it oxidized. Simple as that.

How many Taxi cabs are there?


Why is everything so expensive?

That is a for a few reasons. Primarily the rent, especially in Manhattan, since everything is so dense, the rents are really high, and that gets passed on to the costs of all goods. However Many New Yorkers don’t drive, so we don’t have to deal with paying for that. Also there are lot of rich people here, they will pay more, so things will cost more. Some neighborhoods are cheaper than others.

People here don’t have a New York Accent, what gives?

A lot of the “New York Accents” you hear are on TV and in Film, and actors are told to use them so their characters sound more ‘authentic’. Those accents exist, but not all New Yorkers use them. Also a lot of those accents are dying out as generations are growing up watching TV and sounding more like that.

– Mark Gilman, Tour Guide


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