Welcome to Astoria!

Queens was recently listed as *the* place to visit by the world-renowned Lonely Planet guide. In other words, get off your butts and go there! To facilitate your exploration of this long-having-played-third-fiddle-to-Manhattan-and-Brooklyn-locale, let us introduce you to one of its more well known neighborhoods, Astoria. Named after New York’s first real estate Mogul John Jacob Astor in an unsuccessful bid to have Mr. Astor invest in the neighborhood, the name stuck.

Astoria’s strong Greek community has given it some amazing restaurants, including Taverna Kyclades and Telly’s Taverna, get something with feta in it, order the fish, and have some baklava.

There are also some great non Greek places to eat as well, such as Sugar Freak, specializing in New Orleans Cuisine. Even had beer can chicken? Then you have never experienced true joy, do it. Recent addition, Queens Comfort specializes in “smart dumb food” like “Cap’n Crunch Chicken Fingers,” “Peanut Butter & Jelly Burger”, and fried sriracha mac’n cheese balls. My best advice is bring stretch pants.

Okay so you’re done eating and need to walk off your food-coma. Go to Astoria Park, one of the largest open spaces in Queens, you’ll see stunning views of Manhattan as well as the Queensboro and Hell Gate Bridges.

However if the outdoors is not your thing, go the the Museum of the Moving Image. It’s a museum dedicated to the art of cinema. There are halls featuring authentic costumes from famous films and TV shows, there are regular viewings of classic films, and until Jan 31st 2016 you can see a special exhibit about how “Cats Took Over the Internet.” I can’t make this up, I wish I could, it’s genius.

– Mark Gilman, Tour Guide


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