Five Reasons to Visit NYC

  1. You can’t see it all: No matter how long you are here, you can’t see all of NYC. Most locals never see it all, so no matter what you do there’s always something else.
  2. The food: From Australia to Yemen, almost every nation’s cuisine is represented here. Instead of traveling the world to try exotic foods, you can just come to New York and save yourself a lot of airfare.
  3. The people are nice:  Most of the locals you meet actually enjoy living here, which is pretty interesting in of itself. Believe it or not, we are cheery people. Get to know us, you’ll have fun. By the way, we are happy to give you directions.
  4. The Subway: No paying for gas, looking for parking, or needing a designated driver. It’s cheap, fast, and runs 24/7.
  5. There is someone weirder than you: Often we are distressed by the fact our peculiarities will never be accepted by others. Good news, there are people in New York weirder than you and damn proud of it. This is a place people move to so they can let their freak flag fly, perhaps you can feel a little better about unfurling yours while you stay.

– Mark Gilman, Tour Guide


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