Great NYC Pizza!

New York is famous for it’s Pizza. I have seen self described “New York Style” pizza joints all over the country and all over the world. Many of them were terrible, some were ok, and a few were the real deal. Sadly this terrible imitation Pizza goes unrecognized and unpunished, taking advantage of people’s ignorance to true pizza greatness. So here are some humble offerings of excellent New York Pizza so you know the real deal.

John’s Pizza: 278 Bleecker St, Manhattan between 6th and 7th ave.

I am massively biased towards this pizzeria. My parents took me here throughout my childhood, though this is a very important part of how New Yorkers develop their Pizza Metrics. Fortunately Johns has the goods for me to confidently add it to this list. The crust is thin, the sauce perfectly flavored, and if you order garlic on your pie, you’ll know true beauty.

Sal’s’ and Carmine’s 2671 Broadway, between 101st and 102nd st.

Most best pizza guides do not mention this local joint on Manhattan’s picturesque Upper West Side, that’s because they are idiots. They add a little extra salt to the dough which makes me ravenously devour the crust instead of casting it aside like an unwanted toy from a Cracker Jack box. I don’t know where they get their cheese from, but it’s a revelation.

Now go and experience true bliss.

– Mark Gilman, Tour Guide


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