The Subway is Your Friend

NYC has one of the few subway systems that runs 24/7 and has a single entry fee, it’s *the* way to get around. However many find it intimidating, which is unfortunate because driving in NYC is as easy as mud wrestling an angry pig. Here are common subway problems and how to navigate them.

“How do I read the map?”: It’s an involved map, but with 232 miles (373 km) of track and 468 stations, this is the best possible map we can make. Breathe, put your thinking cap on, and if confused ask for help! We like to help!

“It’s packed, how do I get out?”: This is how veteran New Yorkers do it — you say, “Excuse me!” loudly enough so you can be heard, and then you start moving. The people in front of you may have the physical awareness of a drunken sloth but remember, you are not the problem — they are. What if others have to climb over you? Try your best to give them space. Sometimes there’s no soft solution.

“Is it safe?”: Yes! Use common sense, hold your belongings, and you’ll be fine.

“It’s loud and smelly!”: Basically, but so is the rest of the city. You won’t be inside it for that long.

– Mark Gilman, Tour Guide


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