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Thankful in New York!

As Thanksgiving is tomorrow,  we at New York Tours are grateful to God for many things.  Of course we are thankful for our team, our buses, our partners, and the work they help us to do. However here is our top three list of things that we appreciate.

  • Number 3 on our list is the beautiful city of New York.  We are so thankful to be touring the Greatest City in the World.  It is a pleasure working with the active moving and incredibly complex New York City.  The buildings of Manhattan are just so beautiful.  The lights of Times Square are always bright.  Central Park is amazing as it is beautiful all year.  There is such history everywhere in Gotham.  We are always learning more while touring this city that we love.
  • Number 2 on our list is that we are thankful for the many great New Jersey Hotels that sell our tours.  Without these hotels it would be very difficult to operate.  Hampton, Holiday Inn, Comfort Suites, Hilton, La Quinta, Hyatt, Ramada, Marriott and other hotels help us all year long and we are thankful for it.
  • Of course number 1 on our list is that we are thankful for our passengers.  These travelers, mainly from the US but also from around the world, brighten our days. Our passengers walk with us on our stops, and tell us great stories on the bus. We learn so many cool jokes and more about the world around us from our tourists.  Many choose to follow us on Facebook, InstaGram and Twitter. Others show appreciation by writing us emails or even with positive Trip Advisor reviews.   We know that there is plenty of competition, yet we thank each and every one of our passengers for making our New York Tours great!



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